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This is an archival copy of the 2006–2017 Assemblies website. This information is no longer updated.

2014 Fall Undergraduate Elections for SA

Elections are administered by the Office of the Assemblies on behalf of the Student Assembly Elections Committee.

Elections results

Results will be posted here once the Student Assembly Elections Committee has verified the results. If there are challenges, the results of a race could be delayed while the committee is deliberating the outcome of the challenge.

Freshmen at Large

  • Ben Bacharach (bsb87)
  • Erinn Liu (zl375)
  • Maria Chak (mc2378)
  • Gabriel Kaufman (gdk36)
  • Robert Dunbar (rjd276)
  • Allen Chen (azc5)
  • Austin McLaughlin (awm83)
  • Chris Yoo (cy288)
  • James Gan (jg893)
  • Jeremy Candelas (jmc599)
  • Lauren Shatanof (les279)
  • Kristen Zak (knz2)
  • Leor Ginzburg (lbg47)
  • Matthew Campanella (mjc432)
  • Ziva Posner (mp669)

The tabulations can be viewed here.

The following candidates were disqualified: Julian Moraes, Chris Li, Kristen Lovely, Jung Won Kim

Transfer at Large

Diana Li (dl792)49
Mitchell McBride (mlm428)46
Peter Biedenweg (pfb46)42
Zach Chase (zac26)12

Arts and Sciences at Large

David Vakili (dv227)405
Blair Sullivan (bhs74)323

LGBTQ at Large

Philip Titcomb (pjt78)2009

Please contact the Office of the Assemblies with any questions or concerns.

Information for voters

How to become a candidate

Each person who wishes to be a candidate in these elections, must complete the following requirements before noon on Friday, 12 September 2014:

  1. Submit your—
    • Full name
    • Seat you are running for
    • Net ID
    • Personal statement (up to 1,250 characters—including spaces— max)

to our office at;

  1. Print, complete, and return the following documents to 109 Day Hall:
    • Candidate Registration Form: Complete and submit to register your candidacy.Summarizes what you are required to submit and several statements you must affirm by signature.
    • Candidate Petition Form: Use this form to collect signatures in support of your candidacy from students who are eligible to vote in the race associated with the seat you are seeking (i.e. if you are running for a college position, only members of your college; if you are running for an at large position, any undergraduate student). The number of signatures required depends on the election in which you are seeking to be a candidate:
      • Freshman at large: 100 signatures (Freshman signatures only)
      • Transfer at large: 25 signatures (New Transfer signatures only)
      • LGBTQ: 150 signatures (Any undergraduate signature)
      • Arts & Sciences: 100 signatures
  2. Have your candidate profile picture taken at 109 Day Hall.
  3. Review and understand these informational items:

Contact Elections

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715