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This is an archival copy of the 2006–2017 Assemblies website. This information is no longer updated.

Resolution Moving Internal Operating Rules from the Employee Assembly Charter to Its Bylaws and Establishing an office of Vice Chair of Communications

Whereas the Employee Assembly (the Assembly) previously determined that the business of its Communications Committee (the Committee) is sufficiently extensive that a dedicated chair should be appointed to preside over the Committee, removing this responsibility from the portfolio of the Executive Vice Chair;

Whereas the Assembly also believes the responsibilities of the communications committee chair are sufficiently important to the mission and business of the assembly that such a chair should serve on the Executive Board of the Assembly;

Whereas the Charter of the Assembly (the Charter) must be amended in order to implement this change;

Whereas’ the President of the University (the President) has previously indicated that his approval should be required only to approve amendments to provisions of the Charter dealing with the mission, authority, membership, or amendment procedure of the Assembly;

Whereas the President has recently approved amended charters for the Student Assembly and University Assembly which removed all provisions not pertinent to mission, authority, membership, or amendment procedure to their respective bylaws;

Whereas the Assembly and the President would realize a more efficient process for amending internal procedures of the Assembly by implementing a similar removal from the Assembly’s Charter;

Resolved the Assembly adopts the attached amendments to its Charter presents it to the President for approval;

Resolved the Assembly adopts, contingent upon the President’s approval of the attached amendments to the Charter, the attached amendments to its Bylaws, which sustain provisions removed from the Charter as bylaws and establish a new office of Vice Chair for Communications in the Assembly’s Executive Board.

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