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This is an archival copy of the 2006–2017 Assemblies website. This information is no longer updated.


Below is a listing committees directly associated with Employee Assembly. EA also appoints employees to several committees not listed below. For a complete listing of all committees you may apply to serve on, visit our committees database. You can apply online or contact the Employee Assembly for additional information.

Committees of the Assembly

Internal Operations Committee
The Employee Assembly Internal Operations Committee facilitates the nomination and selection of employee members to both elective and appointive positions administered by the EA.
Elections Committee
The Employee Assembly Elections Committee oversees elections conducted to fill regular vacancies that occur in the assembly each year.
Communications Committee
The Employee Assembly Communications Committee promotes higher visibility for employees as community members, provide a sense of a unified employee body, and helps to create heightened sense of community among all members of the Cornell community.
Personnel Policy Committee
The Personnel Policy Committee of the EA examines, reviews and comments upon personnel policies of the University.
Education Committee
The Employee Education Committee supports employee development, goals, and opportunities.
Staff Recognition and Awards Committee
The Staff Recognition and Awards Committee administers all aspects of the George Peter Award for Dedicated Service and investigates other staff award and recognition opportunities to present for consideration to the EA.
University Benefits Committee
The University Benefits Committee is a joint committee of the Employee Assembly and the Faculty Senate that deals with the entire range of benefits and with both endowed and statutory Benefits. Administrative matters are handled by the Office of the Dean of Faculty.

Former and Disbanded Committees of the Employee Assembly

CARE Fund/Emergency Grant Fund Committee
This committee was disbanded by the Employee Assembly, effective February 8, 2010. Responsibility for the CARE fund was assigned to the Division of Human Resources.

EA Committee List

Other Committees Staffed by the Assembly

The Employee Assembly staffs employee positions in a number of committees external to the assembly.

University Assembly

Many positions in University Assembly committees are staffed by the Employee Assembly. See the University Assembly committees page for more information about these committees.

Joining a Committee

Membership in committees is generally open to employees who are not members of the assembly. You may use the following online form to apply for membership in a committee staffed by the employee assembly:

Employees (non-academic or non-professorial academic staff) wishing to join this committee should apply online:

Contact EA

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715