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This is an archival copy of the 2006–2017 Assemblies website. This information is no longer updated.

Student Assembly Committees

Committees of the Assembly

Permanent Committees

Review Committees

Committee on Dining Services
The Student Assembly Dining Services Committee reviews policies and budgets of Campus Dining Services.
Committee on Community Life
The Community Life Committee is responsible for advocating for undergraduates living on and off campus and overseeing student initiatives pertaining to residential and campus life, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, community relations, and safety.
Student Assembly Financial Aid Review Committee
The Student Assembly Financial Aid Review Committee examines financial aid policies and reviews their current status. It is the successor to the former Joint Assemblies Financial Aid Review Committee.
Student Assembly Finance Commission
The Student Assembly Finance Commission (SAFC) is the funding arm of the Student Assembly (SA). The SAFC is responsible for funding over 350 registered undergraduate student organizations on the Cornell campus.
Diversity Affairs Coalition
The Coalition shall serve as the body through which the SA, the diversity councils of the undergraduate schools and colleges, the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI), and the Center for Intercultural Dialogue coordinate their efforts to promote awareness and understanding of the increasing importance of diversity and create an environment that brings together diverse perspectives and fosters diversity of thought. The SADAC shall be the forum where the efforts of the University Diversity Council (UDC) are introduced to the SA and the diversity councils of the colleges.

Operational Committees

Appropriations Committee
The Student Assembly Appropriations Committee reviews requests from the Student Assembly budget, recommends policies and guidelines for the undergraduate student activity fee, and oversees the Student Assembly Finance Commission.
Communications Committee
The Student Assembly Communications Committee links the assembly with its constituencies by conducting polls, referenda, forums, and hearings. It also publicizes the business and activities of the assembly.
Elections Committee
The elections committee is responsible for coordinating, publicizing, and overseeing undergraduate student elections for positions in the Student Assembly as well as four of six undergraduate positions in the University Assembly.
Executive Committee
The Student Assembly Executive Committee coordinates the officers of the assembly to ensure the smooth operation.

Other Committees

Committee on Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives
The Student Assembly Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives presents and monitors recommendations to the university encouraging interaction among its various racial, ethnic, and cultural constituencies.

Former Committees

These committees are no longer active but have websites maintained for historical purposes. In most cases, their functions have been consolidated into another committee.

Committee on Information and Technologies
This committee has been formally consolidated into the Student Assembly Communications Committee.
Environmental Committee
This committee has been formally consolidated into the Community Life Committee.
Student Assembly Committee on Women’s Issues
This committee has been formally consolidated into the Student Assembly Committee on Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives.
Committee on Transfer Affairs
This committee has been formally consolidated into the Student Assembly Community Life Committee.

SA Committee List

Other Committees Staffed by the Asssembly

University Assembly Committees

The assembly staffs a number of committees within the university assembly. For more information about these committees see the University Assemblies committees page. Protocol for staffing is the same as for committees internal to the assembly.

Joining a Committee

Read the attached letter from the 2009–2010 Vice President of Internal Operations for more information about joining a committee.

Most committees that the assembly staffs have positions that are open to any undergraduate student. To apply look for the section of the committee’s website entitled “Get Involved”.

Contact SA

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